Trader & Co. is a social good café serving award-winning, inhouse roasted, ethically sourced specialty Six8 Coffee alongside authentic, wholesome breakfast, lunch and all-day menu items in Yass, NSW a short drive from Canberra. Our warm, friendly and attentive team create an inner-city vibe with country charm welcoming locals and visitors alike. 

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How can social good help in creating and sustaining a Great Community.

In general terms, social good is an activity that aims to help the greatest number of people in the greatest possible way. It implies a positive societal impact

Consumers, like you, can often feel helpless in the fight to address so many world challenges, but one way in which society exercises their power and voice is through the products they buy and the services they use. 

With 88% of consumers wanting brands to help them make a difference, brands, therefore, have the power to make a conscious commitment towards making the world a better place. (BusinessWire, 2019)

Because just talking about your own values isn’t enough, consumers want brands and business to help them live theirs. And that’s the secret to true purpose – serving the consumer rather than talking about yourself. (Forbes, 2018)

And so at Trader & Co., we saw many great injustices whilst traversing through different countries and realised that we could be a part of the answer, and that coffee could be the tool. 

Through our inhouse roasted specialty coffee brand, Six8Coffee, we build strong relationships with suppliers who we can trust and ensure that our coffee is not only sourced ethically but giving back into the communities where they are produced! 

Six8 Coffee - Coffee that’s doing Good from Bean to Cup and Beyond!
Six8 Coffee

As well, we donate 10c from every cup of coffee and $1 from every kilogram of Six8 Coffee that we sell, to organisations who are actively working to fight against human trafficking and modern-day slavery like our impact partner Destiny Rescue.

Destiny Rescue - Rescuing Children
Destiny Rescue

Over 1 million children are exploited by sex trafficking with 70% of children trafficked from the Asia Pacific region. Destiny Rescue work with communities to empower them through education, training and employment options, small business and social change.

But it doesn’t just stop with the coffee. 

At Trader & Co. we choose to use products that are doing good right throughout our whole business! 

We thank you for supporting our Great Community.